Thursday, 6 February 2014

Alien Filth Must Die - New VoidExpanse Screenshots

Decimated by alien invaders and thrust into a new dark age, humankind balanced on the brink of collapse. Driven by hope and desperation, we fought back, but it wasn't enough. In a single, incomprehensible display of power, entire planets, outposts, and countless lives vanished from known existence.

VoidExpanse, a sandbox action-RPG from AtomicTorch Studio, is the sci-fi tale of our quest to survive in a galaxy rife with alien and human conflict. With free-form character development, ship customization, and a completely open galaxy, you define your role in the fate of humankind.

In sandbox mode, journey alone or join with others in procedurally generated galaxies. Form alliances to destroy the aliens, dominate sectors as pirates, or live the life of an asteroid miner. With persistent servers and full mod-support, players control the galaxy.

AtomicTorch Official Website: Link

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  1. Anonymous10 February 2014 at 08:54

    Looks pretty neat.