Sunday, 3 November 2013

Who Needs Television? Episode #3 - DYKGaming (Did You Know Gaming?)

About "Who Needs Television?"
"Who Needs Television?" is going to be an episodic series where I share some of my favorite Youtube channels. It does not matter if they have loads of subscribers or just a couple, if I like their content they will eventually win their spot in some future episode.
Regarding the theme of the channels, I will try to keep them just related to gaming and technology in general, but you never know, I may mix up some wild cards here and there.

Episode #3 - DYKGaming
I'm the sort of player that upon completion of a game goes online and searches for interesting trivia, reactions and what other people thought about the ending, etc. Basically I like to learn more about what I just played and in a way try and acknowledge the work of the developers.
In one of my crazy searches, I found out about the channel I'm featuring today, "DYKGaming" or "Did You Know Gaming?". They produce very informative videos regarding gaming in general, sharing small or big secrets concerning various aspects of each game that they analyze.
While most Youtube Channels focus mostly on entertainment, "DYKGaming" is able to keep the entertainment ratio pretty high and still deliver a lot of cool and fancy information when it comes to your favorite video game.
Check them out, I'm sure you will not regret it!

Warning: Risk of learning stuff!

DYKGaming Website: Link
DYKGaming Channel: Link