Friday, 27 September 2013

Zia's Corner, Ep.25 - Machinarium, Mr.Handagote

Simply sharing videogame music, just listen...and enjoy.

Machinarium is one of the most charming point and click adventures to date, everything from the character design to the world itself seems like it was directly extracted from some mechanical fairy tale. The gameplay elements present in Machinarium are pretty standard, what really distinguishes this game from the rest is how there's no real dialogue throughout the whole campaign, no language to speak of, just noises and bubbles with pictures hanging above the characters metallic cranium, quite a feat if you consider most point and click games are extremely heavy in terms of conversations and written text, this one simplifies all that and is still able to get the message across.
This title also has an almost magical musical score, besides the track that we bring you today there are at least two or three more that are simply amazing.