Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quick Review: React

Do you think you're cool? Do you think you're awesome? Then Reactor is looking for you!
Why don't you download the game React right now and apply for a job as his sidekick! Yes, you will not get payed, the hours will probably suck and your own demise is more than likely to occur at some point or another, still, just take a look at how cool Reactor is, can you really turn him down?

React is one of those games that while not making any kind of sense, are extremely fun to pick up and play while on a short break. Especially if you have the chance to pay attention and listen to Reactors....well, reactions. He will always... sometimes... ok, almost never encourage you when you fail miserably.
The gameplay rests on a few basic actions, tap, swipe, shake and halt will be screamed at you, the only thing you have to do is comply as quickly as possible and everything should be fine. It's basically a score attack type of game, just infused with a lot of personality.

Still, and let's hope Reactor does not read this part of the review or the safety of this reviewer might be compromised, we found some problems. Mainly with the shake action, usually the best option is to simply turn your phone/tablet on it's side rather than shaking it, apparently it works better. Also, and only very occasionally, the game will not recognize your command and assume you did something else, c'mon Mr.Reactor, I did what you asked! It was to no avail as his mind was already made up.

At the end of the day React is a quick and fun game filled with personality, I would recommend you to give it a try as currently it is completely free of charge.

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  1. Spirael.Lui22 July 2013 at 22:00

    Good review about this game all you say is really accurate. It´s a super hero with a super ego. Hahaha.