Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ozone Rage ST Review

One of the adjectives that you can use to define the Ozone brand is versatile, their ability to produce and release to the market a great deal of gaming options is well above average, ranging from cheap and affordable solutions to more expensive ones for players with higher demands and deeper pockets, Ozone has most of the market covered. The only exception to this rule might be the really high end consumers.
At least in terms of prices Ozone tends to offer better deals than the competition, especially for their top of the line products which is something refreshing. Even though their products are affordable, they almost never feel cheap in terms of quality, in the supersaturated gaming market of today, that is something that wins them the spotlight.


The product that NRLB brings you today, Ozone Rage ST, is a valid solution for those of you who look for a decent option in terms of gaming headsets but don't want to spend too much money in the process. (30-40€)
Because the Rage ST is competing in one of the most crowded slices of the market, Ozone decided to give it a visual advantage over their rivals, while simple in terms of design, the ability to choose the color of the headset is without a doubt an important asset as this sort of  customization is something not usual at this price range and will always be a plus to most consumers.
A removable microphone and well-built inline volume controller are other positive features that Ozone did not forget to bring to the table.

Ozone markets the Rage ST as a competent all-around product, looking at the back of the box you can read, "high quality stereo headset developed for gaming, but also with a great performance for music and movies".
It is a description that they can certainly get away with, even though the Rage ST clearly perform a lot better when gaming, listening to music or watching a movie are still valid options, the biggest downside being the bass lacking a certain oomph. Still for the money you pay, the Rage ST deliver the goods in a nice enough manner.

In terms of comfort Ozone outdid themselves here. While somewhat bulky in size, the Rage ST are extremely lightweight, for prolonged gaming sessions it is something critical as it helps diminish the amount of stress endured by the head and neck areas.
Making it less of a chore to wear the headphones will actually help your in-game immersion as you constantly forget that you have them on.

The microphone is probably the weakest link in this package, it does an acceptable job, but it might take you a while and a little bit of tweaking in terms of volume and especially positioning (so that you don't breathe into it) to actually have a decent experience with it.
On the bright side, the fact that it is detachable allows you to reduce the weight and size of the Rage ST very easily, something interesting even if not fundamental when it comes to single player gaming, music or movies. Another nice touch is the mute button located in the inline volume controller, always a positive feature.

Final Thoughts
When you consider the price, the Ozone Rage ST is a solid and very competent product. It presents all the basic yet sometimes forgotten features mixed with some real crowd pullers like the color selection, sleek design and sturdy construction.

The Good
-Amazing price-quality ratio
-Choice of 5 colors
-Lightweight and very comfortable
-Detachable microphone and inline volume controller
-Sturdy construction

The Bad
-Weak Bass
-Too much microphone tweaking

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    Interesting review mate! Found them really cheap nice deal!