Monday, 22 July 2013

Hasta la Muerte now available on Google Play

Building on its succes on iOS, Hasta la muerte, the indie arty game developed by Pohlm Studio and published by BulkyPix is back on Google Play.

According to BulkyPix you will play as an emissary of Death, the game promises to deliver a pretty unique experience with rich sound effects, original graphics, and an insane world.
Your mission: accompany the souls of those for whom eternal rest has come, and save them from damnation. But be warned: losing concentration for a second could spell disaster, because these souls, damned and inconsolable, will pursue you relentlessly all the way back to Limbo!

Accessible to everyone, this “survival-platformer” offers frenetic, “chase-and-be-chased” gameplay in the style of the famous Pac-Man.
During your journey, you’ll be aided by “Soulpets” -- these are souls that will give you their abilities: speed, stealth, protection, and many more. In addition to facilitating your mission, these abilities will allow you to return to already-played levels in order to find additional bonuses and discover hidden treasures.