Friday, 24 May 2013

It's ALIVE!!! at least for another year or so...

Well, it was good while it lasted but everything has to end and the lifetime of the Xbox 360 seems to be on its last legs. Or so you thought!
This year we will still see some good games, the kind of games that in the future will be called classics, you know, those that come in an ugly box.
To celebrate this and maybe motivate a few Xbox 360 owners to keep their consoles close for a few more months I put up a list of the titles that will be released in 2013 that might achieve that status.
So here we go:

Grand Theft Auto V (September)

Well, if you don't know this one you should move from under the rock where you've been living. It's Grand Theft Auto made by Rockstar Games, no more words are needed.

Batman: Arkham Origins (October)

With no more asylums or cities to save the Caped Crusader decides to turn his attention to the EA online store and it's customers, what sort of mischief and ripoffs will he find there? Probably a lot, more details when it comes out in October!!!
What? ohhh... It seems it's actually a prequel, sorry, my mistake!

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (August)

It's Sam Fisher, sneaking, killing, conspiracies, save the world kind of game, you know, a game written by Tom Clancy's...probably.
Oh and there's no more Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher, that might be a game killer for sure. If that does not kill it the fact that it was announced as the last Splinter Cell game might, or they can just do another prequel or reboot or re imagining or something(they probably will do that).

Remember Me (June)

This one you might actually not know, but it seems rather interesting and being a new IP I just had to sneak it in here.
So it's made by Capcom, it's in the future and it has a hot chick as a protagonist, done deal Capcom. I call Assassin's Creed on the future with a chick!

Watch Dogs (November)

Another new IP, this one the future, oh boy... but it has a dude as a protagonist! Yes!
Oh and it actually looks really good and...what's the word...original! That's it, been a while since I used this word in association with a new game.
It's being developed by Ubisoft and they better deliver me some good game or else!

So yeah, these were my chosen games of 2013, but there will be a lot more, the new Battlefield and CoD will appear, even though CoD will probably still have the old dog, there will be a new Assassin's Creed and probably a few more that I don't know or can't remember as well, so the near future is bright my fellow gamers.