Thursday, 23 May 2013

C'mon Nintendo, give these guys a break!

In the last few days a lot has been said and discussed about Nintendo and their struggle to stop let's players from making money off their games. It's definitely a tricky situation, both sides have presented strong cases and Nintendo legally (I fight evil corporations, but I'm not a lawyer so I'm not sure) probably has the right to claim that money, what I don't understand is their timing for doing this, couldn't they have waited for another year or so? Or maybe have acted on this before?
I'm saying this because even though all publicity is good, doing such a "greedy" move right before their competitors announce their consoles is probably not a good idea.
Most of the let's players that Nintendo is going to "rob" with this move have a lot of subscribers and definitely a lot of influence over most of them, so is it really such a good idea to make these guys angry? Nobody likes gamers when they're angry!
Again, even though Nintendo probably has the right to claim the money, the timing was awful, but maybe, just maybe, they are doing it on purpose, you know, just to get some attention now that the spotlights start to turn to the console war between Sony and Microsoft.