Monday, 4 August 2014

Primitives Puzzles in Time, Out Now on iOS and Android

Today Crazy Labs has announced the release of Primitives Puzzles in Time, featuring over 90 levels of focus-testing puzzles, out now on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore. This abstract, minimalist puzzler requires you to guide shapes through spatial obstacles in the most efficient path possible within the allotted time. Drag shapes through different dimensions as you burst time bubbles to turn back the clock, and prevent collisions with barriers to save trapped stars. Each unique level provides new designs and obstacles that require precision to advance. With intuitive, varying gameplay and simple drawing mechanics, Primitives is a free-to-play experience that is both hypnotizing and challenging.

Primitives was developed by WESOME Games, a studio led by two recent engineering and design graduates based in Israel. The team began creating the game as part of their final graduation project, and finished development during an internship at Crazy Labs’ game incubator.

Primitives is a single-player puzzler that tests your timing, focus, and creativity. With endless options to move through time and space in dozens of levels, players must strategically maneuver through each puzzle to uncover new colors and designs. If you’ve made a wrong turn, choose what point in time to return to and chart a new route. Primitives lets you draw your own course and change the path as you go, challenging your ability to skillfully navigate obstacles and collect the stars in as few finger swipes as possible. The game lets you move in harmony to a mesmerizing, original electronic soundtrack.