Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tt eSPORTS Black Review

With the exponential growth that competitive gaming suffered in the last couple of years, almost every company on the market saw there an opportunity to expand and extend their line of products in order to also satisfy that slice of the market. With that being said the product we have for review today comes to us from one of the most well known and respected brands when it comes to the DIY market, Thermaltake. According to their own words, Tt eSPORTS is a "gaming obsessed division from Thermaltake".
The product we will be reviewing today is the Black gaming mouse, a simple yet effective little mouse that is a great starting point for any competitive gamer out there.

The Black gaming mouse comes neatly packed inside an attractive looking box, a nice color scheme certainly helps out a lot and eSPORTS did not disappoint in that department, red working in tandem with black works most of the time and this is definitely one of those times.
Paying a little bit more attention to the details on the box you will see that it displays a lot of important information regarding the Black gaming mouse, I can't really speak for other languages since I personally don't understand them, but when it comes to the English and Portuguese sections of the box they certainly could use a bit of fine-tuning as the sentences are not exactly well written. Despite that, all the necessary information like DPI and the type of sensor that the mouse comes with is pretty clear and understandable.
Immediately upon opening the package you will see a lot of extras included, Tt eSPORTS certainly outdid themselves here, especially when you take under consideration the low price point of the Black gaming mouse ($45 Amazon.com). Aside from your typical instruction manual and warranty you will also find a few cool looking stickers and a soft carrying pouch, if you're someone who enjoys going to LAN parties, then this pouch will certainly help in the task of protecting your Tt eSPORTS gaming peripheral.

The Black gaming mouse is simple, very straightforward and easy to use, ideal for someone who is just entering the competitive gaming world. Despite that, I personally still find it quite attractive when it comes to its design, the small illuminated Tt eSPORTS logo combined with the non-slip rubber coating are the small touches that really give the "gaming" aspect of this mouse away. If it wasn't for those tiny details it could easily pass as a normal everyday mouse.
The only downside of this simple design is the lack of another side button, most gaming mice these days come with at least two buttons on the side, this extra button certainly helps out a lot, especially if you're an MMO player like myself. Still, for your typical FPS title I can see the single button being more than sufficient.
The 4000 dpi laser sensor is competent enough and has handled everything that I could throw at it so far. Testing it out on different surfaces and different gaming mats produced very similar results in terms of effectiveness and movement tracking, no problems at all there.
Finally the weight tuning system and the 2 buttons on top used to instantly adjust the DPI work quite well, while it's nothing new on the gaming market it is still nice to see those two features included.

In terms of build quality and since this is the first Tt eSPORTS product we had under review, I decided to test it out just a bit longer in order to really see how well constructed this peripheral is. For about a month now I've been using the Black gaming mouse non-stop in games like Path of Exile and Guild Wars 2, it still looks brand new which is certainly a plus. All the buttons still deliver a satisfying amount of feedback and the rubber coating, which was something that worried me is still in place.

Final Thoughts
Tt eSPORTS had a clear objective for the Black gaming mouse, to deliver gamers a simple, effective and affordable gaming peripheral. They certainly accomplished that goal and while it may be a bit too basic for some more experienced gamers out there, for the ones that are just starting out and have a tighter budget to consider, then this option from Tt eSPORTS is certainly a valid one.

The Good
+Simple and easy to use
+Competent laser sensor
+Weight tuning system
+Rubber coating
+Extras included
+Buttons feel very responsive

The Bad
-Only one side button
-May be too simple for some
-The English and Portuguese languages on the package could use a bit of work

Thanks to Tt eSPORTS for providing the review sample