Sunday, 9 March 2014

Zia's Corner, Ep.53 - System Shock 2, Engineering

Simply sharing videogame music, just listen...and enjoy.

System Shock 2 has become over the years more and more a classic with a huge following, successors like Bioshock had maybe a bigger success when it comes to making money, still the second System Shock is still considered by many the best game in the "series".
While the game's graphics may be a bit outdated by today standards, it is still a decent looking game that "oozes" atmosphere and tension, the enemies in particular are extremely well designed, fitting nicely into the whole cyberpunk aesthetic.
System Shock 2 was designed by the infamous Ken Levine who also worked on Bioshock 1 and Infinite, he recently announced his intention to go back to smaller projects, what this means to the "Shock" franchise we still don't know, hopefully the studio that gets the chance to develop the next entry in this amazing series will be able to do a good job.