Thursday, 26 December 2013

Sharkoon Gsone Review

In the last few months I have been lucky enough to get the chance to review several peripherals from Sharkoon, this time around I will be taking a look at their professional stereo gaming headset, the Gsone.
For those of you who may not know Sharkoon very well they have been around since 2003, producing a considerable number of different types of computer products.

The Sharkoon Gsone comes neatly packed in a very discreet and sturdy black box, both the front and the back of the package have listed on them several of the most important characteristics and features of the Gsone. Thanks to a nice picture of the actual headset the front in particular does a nice job when it comes to showing off how big the ear-cups of the headset really are.
Tucked inside the box you will only find a small paper showing how easily you can mute the microphone, much like previous products made by Sharkoon the Gsone main focus seems to be functionality at an affordable price rather than flashy "extras", because of this we can excuse the lack of accessories included.

Luckily for us Sharkoon did not disappoint when the time to deliver a high quality audio solution for the average gamer came, the Gsone has a very well thought out design, totally skipping the in-line volume controller usually imbued in the headset cable and replacing it with a much more practical, simpler and easy to access slider on the right ear-cup.
The microphone also has an ingenious mechanism, in order to mute it you simply tilt the mic up, to unmute it you simply tilt it back down and there you go, you can talk once again to your heart's content.

Much like the other products from Sharkoon we previously reviewed, the built construction of the Gsone is top notch, made from a mix of durable plastic and light-weight metal this audio solution is one that will most definitely stay with you for a very long time if you treat it right.
The cushions on the ear-cups are nice and "fluffy", preventing any sort of ear fatigue during long gaming sessions, the actual size of the ear-cups (75mm x 50mm) also contributes to how comfortable they feel. Much like the ear-cups the headband is made out of a sturdy plastic and has a gigantic "pillow" for your head.
The long and thick braided cable not only looks good but also ensures that your headset will not have any sort of cable problems in the near future.

In terms of sound quality and especially when you take the price into consideration (suggested retail price 39.99€), the Gsone does not fall short, the 53mm drivers are great for gaming, allowing players to go crazy with the bass if they so desire.
Much like other audio products at this price range the Gsone microphone does a competent job, it's certainly not studio quality but for the purpose of communicating with your gaming partners it works pretty well.

Final Thoughts
When I first heard about the Gsone I expected Sharkoon to present gamers with yet another affordable, good looking and tough as nails product, thankfully that is exactly what they did, if you're looking for a high-quality and discreet headset for your long gaming sessions then the Gsone might be the solution for you.

The Good
-Ear-cup volume controller
-53mm drivers

The Bad
-No accessories included
-Lots of competition

Thanks to Sharkoon for providing the review sample