Thursday, 14 November 2013

X2 XPAD Review

If you're in the market looking to buy a decent gaming mousepad at an affordable price the number of options available can be truly daunting, there certainly are a lot of factors to consider but at the end of the day you can separate most mousepads into two groups, speed or precision. The first having extremely smooth surfaces that allow you to turn and aim quickly, the latter having surfaces with a bit more resistance, great for "sniping" or any other sort of precision aiming.
The mousepad we'll be reviewing today is the XPAD from X2, it is decently sized (400x300x3mm), affordable (12€/$16) and most definitely designed for speed thanks to its highly smooth surface.

For those of you who don't know X2, they are a team of PC enthusiasts based in The Netherlands and according to their website, their mission is to provide the highest endeavor of performance while obtaining top-quality levels in all of their products.
Personally I haven't known X2 for very long, they sure have a ton of gaming and general computer products on the market though, from power supplies to headsets you can expect to find a lot of variety in their catalog.

The XPAD comes packed in a very elegant black and red box, nothing out of the ordinary here, most of the necessary information like the dimensions and color of the surface are present on the back, there are even a few references to other products from the X2 line-up on both sides of the box.
Opening the box will reveal that nothing besides the actual mousepad is included, once again nothing out of the ordinary since we're talking about a very basic and simple to use product.
The mousepad itself looks pretty good, you will notice that it has 2 X2 logos, a small one at the bottom and a huge one that covers most of the XPAD surface.

Like I mentioned before, the XPAD is very decently sized, most gamers will find the 3mm thick surface very comfortable and easy to adjust to. Personally I use the SteelSeries QCK Heavy for most of my daily activities, it is quite a thick and large mousepad, very different from the product we are reviewing today, still, the time it took for me to adapt to the XPAD was minimal. The speed oriented design is something I also enjoyed and actually improved my aiming on some of the more frenetic shooters.
Regarding the rubber base I honestly found it a bit lacking, the XPAD moved more than it should, while it's nothing too severe it's still noticeable in an otherwise very high-quality product. (edit: Tested on Wood and MDF Wood)

Final Thoughts
The X2 XPAD is certainly an interesting option for your gaming needs, if you're looking for a very smooth mousepad that optimizes speed you will not be disappointed with it.
At the time of this review the XPAD should cost you something like 12€ or $16, an interesting price tag when you consider the overall quality of the product.

The Good
-Decent dimensions
-Smooth surface
-Price-Quality ratio
-Elegant design

The Bad
-Rubber base

Thanks to X2 for providing the review sample