Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Deadpool wants to make an announcement

Deadpool contacted NRLB and said he wanted to make an announcement, so it is without any further delay that I leave you to Deadpool wise and thoughtful words:

"Just when I thought I was done...Hi, folks, it's me, Internet sensation and game review subject, Deadpool, here to shatter your fragile world views once more by revealing that the “Merc With A Map Pack” for MY video game, Deadpool, is now available to all players for purchase across all platforms.
Why would I open up my “Merc with a Map Pack” DLC to everyone who plays my game? Because exclusives suck! What if fire had remained exclusive to Mount Olympus? What if indoor toilets had remained exclusive to Victorian England? What if cool katanas with freakin' TIGERS on the hilt had remained exclusive to the shopping mall blacksmiths who forged them? Exactly!

So here's the Dealpool on what you get:

- 2 new maps for Challenge Mode: GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower. These are good maps. I have broken bread with these maps. They went to private school. They will serve you well.

- 2 new costumes to bust out in Infinite Mode: My D-Pooly and Uncanny X-Force suits.


In the spirit of downloading content, I am pleased to share that Deadpool is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace as a Games on Demand title. Digital downloads FTW!"

It seems Deadpool forgot to mention some other "details", The Deadpool “Merc with a Map Pack” DLC is now available for $2.99/240 Microsoft Points.