Using Twitter Likes In A Twitter Conversation

Twitter likes are easy ways to show someone you agree or approve with his or her tweet. Whenever someone reads something he or she likes, they’ll usually place a like to show to the writer appreciation.

Using twitter likes in a twitter conversation can be a good way to show what you think or feel. It’s not always easy to get what you really mean across when involved in an online conversation. Most of the time, to emphasis your understanding on what the other person says, you’ll like his or her statement.

Twitter only allows 140 characters so if you’re in a conversation, you may go back and forth instead of typing a long explanation like you could on Facebook comment field. When you’ve reached the end of a conversation, you may not know what else to say so often, you’ll use likes to end a conversation. You can also place likes to cushion a blow when a person is saying something aggressive. The writer would know that while you have different opinions, you could still appreciate what is said.


What makes attracting many Twitter Likes a big deal to young People?

There is nothing that makes young people happier than attracting more than a hundred twitters likes on their every post. In fact, most young people are forever competing to see who gets the most number of likes and followers? But is it so much of an important issue? Well, people join twitter for various reasons, and if you are not there to market a product, you have to be there to make friends and find happiness by interacting with them.

For young people, most of whom use twitter to socialize, being able to attract many likes and followers is the most important exciting thing about twitter. Those of them who fail to attract any followers or get few twitter likes tend to feel unhappy and demoralized. Maybe it is because of peer influence; excitement to get popular or the love for vanity, but whichever the case, they can be glad knowing that anyone can attract thousands of followers if they tweet quality posts and learn from the experts.

4 Twitter Mistakes that often Cost Big Companies Followers

Once your reputation is damaged on twitter, building trust with people again could take years. When you are a business, a bad reputation could not only cost you nearly all your free followers, but could contribute to a decrease in your profits for months and years. You therefore want to avoid the following twitter mistakes even when you are just a simple digital advertiser.

Tweeting about old news, recycling old jokes or posting anything that could prove annoying to your followers should be things your twitter manager should always avoid. When you are a small news website which often posts news after all other media sites for instance, your chances of growing your following on this social network is very unlikely. Recycling jokes on the other hand could make people mock or not be serious with you. However, what could drastically make you lose your twitter following or client base in a day is annoying twitter users. Posting racist, sexist or tweets that may prove annoying in any way is definitely something any business should strive to avoid.

Just like a tree needs water, so does your number of likes

There is a lot of fame and attention that those with the largest number of likes get on the social media platform.  How do they make it?  Likes as you might know are what helps one increases their page or profiles popularity.  It’s what makes you stand out in a world that is overflowing with numerous social media platforms.  What you need to realise is that every platform gives their users the opportunity to increase their likes if you need to make it out there.  Interestingly, and unknown to a number of people is that all these free likes are absolutely free.

Why spend your hard earned cash if you can get free likes without every paying a penny.  If you are a marketing company or a brand you will realise the effectiveness of likes.  In essence they are what make your page stand out amongst the millions looking for the same group of people.  How you get growing network will depend on how fastthe growth rate.  It is therefore important to be proactive and find proven ways that will make your likes grow.